After reading Joy Comes In the Morning, Cindy Dale, of Crossville, TN, wrote the following email:

“I have to tell you how the Holy Spirit put this book in my hands.  A sister in Christ was watching God TV and saw Delores Winder on It's Supernatural.  At the end of the show the Holy Spirit actually took over the announcers words and said my name, Cindy Dale.  My friend looked around her room and was like, Lord is that you?  Again, over the TV the words came, Cindy Dale.   My friend is always broke, but she knew she had to get this book for me.  It was totally a God thing that she even had the money in her account, but she bought the book and gave it to me.   

 I read the book in a weird way; I started in the middle at the part where she was at the Kathryn Kuhlman conference.  I read to the end, and then started the beginning.  I still don't know why I read it that way.  I'm not even sure how to explain what the book meant to me.  I don't have a physical healing need, but there were so many things similar and familiar about how she felt about the Holy Spirit.  I literally dropped the book laughing and crying when I read the part about the only time she heard about the Holy Spirit in church was when they read the Apostles Creed.  I cannot tell you how many times I said the VERY SAME WORDS.  I was raised Presbyterian, then moved and currently go to a Methodist Church.  

Over the last year or so God has become real and powerful to me.  Around a year ago my son was radically transformed from a life of drugs and alcohol.  He was in a hotel room one morning snorting pain pills then radically transformed that same afternoon at a funeral, never to return to the old way of life.  I NEVER thought God could do that in my son.  I cannot type all the events and miracles leading up to this, but I guess I'm writing to say there is something about this book that is breaking off religion in my life.  I am very conservative, do not like to be seen, but my God has shown me who he is and now I am being called to give testimony of these events and He is showing me that through the power of the testimony the same super natural release is happening to those who hear.   

In fact, the day I went to the first church to give testimony was the day my friend gave me Surprised by Healing.  I know I'm rambling here, but Delores' book and her testimony has such an anointing on it for not only healing, but for breaking religion too.  Remembering her reluctance to speak, but her obedience to do so, is spearing me on to continue to speak about transforming power and love of our Father.  There is this deep passion that has risen in me while reading the book to share what God is doing and let others who may be stuck be set free. 

I am so thankful to Delores for being so real and sharing God's power, love and glory.  It is life changing in so many ways.”