Amanda Winder is Bill and Delores's 22 year old granddaughter. She has been ministering with her grandparents since the age of five. Amanda is in her Junior year at The University Alabama where she is focusing on nutrition and psychology. Amanda is in the business and ministry of cultivating all girls to develop a healthy lifestyle, gain confidence confidence in their bodies, and learn how to be confident in themselves.

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Famine Faith

When I ask my dad for something I really want more than twice, he usually gets
annoyed and tells me to stop whining. Either he's answered the question or
something’s being done about it. If I continue to beg for an answer, he will accuse
me of not listening to him the first time. Fortunately, I know his voice well enough
to only ask once, and I do not need to plead for anything because my father has my
best interest at heart. In the same way, God is our Father. When we pray, we
should not beg and plead for an answer. Begging and pleading for him to solve a
problem is having famine faith.

When a famine strikes, scarcity is alive. One is operating in survival mode and
searching for an answer. Famine faith requires famine prayers. It is a type of faith
that requires us to pray with distress because we are not receiving an answer. In a
situation like this, pleading for an answer is acceptable. However, we do not live in
a famine faith society. Choosing famine faith in a flourishing society makes life
more difficult than intended. When seeking an answer to our problem, maybe the
problem isn't asking, maybe it's listening.

Today, we live in a prosperous society where the Lord is speaking to anyone that
will listen. Most Christians have famine faith, begging and groveling for an answer.
Because of Jesus, we have the opportunity to live our life with effective faith. This
requires us to have an intimate relationship with the Lord, and have great
confidence in our own abilities. When we use effective faith the situation will be
resolved because we are listening and doing.

As Christians, we should be listening, discerning the answer wisely, and
communicating that answer properly. Listening means interpreting the message
with wisdom, without religion. When Jesus prayed he wasn't groveling or
screaming at Satan. He did not whine and complain for an answer. He simply had
an intimate conversation with his Father. In his conversations he heard the answer
clearly and made confident choices.

Now, when I ask my father something, I try not to whine and ask more than once.
When I do, I am demonstrating a type of famine faith. Instead, I have a
conversation, hear the answer, and act accordingly. In the same way, I wonder are
listening to the Lord and using effective faith to reach the answer? Or, do you beg
and plead like you are in the middle of a famine? If you are using famine faith, I
challenge you to stop and begin cultivating effective faith.


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